Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Technocrat Technical Services is adept at providing energy efficient climate control systems. Our specialized team keeps us on the leading edge of the latest technology and methods providing design support, knowledgebase, and other services that enable us to deliver quality results on time and with the budget.

Our HVAC Services


  • Supply, fabrication and erection of complete chilled water piping networks

  • District Cooling system piping networks

  • Thermal insulation and aluminium cladding

  • Hydro testing Chemical Flushing and water balancing

  • Equipment installation like chillers, AHU, FCU, Cooling tower

  • Annual Maintenance contract


Technocrat is specialized to handle all kinds of critical and challenging issues deriving from HVAC installations at any type of buildings or establishments. With the advanced HVAC management and maintenance system of Technocrat, we control, manage and take care of all HVAC installations at the best and affordable price in Oman

Refrigeration and low temperature application projects.

 It is important to understand that every refrigerator has an area for which the
temperature is lower than that of the ambient.

Chiller water balancing& Chemical Flushing

Chilled water is centrally produced and distributed throughout the campus,and this district cooling system shall be utilized wherever possible.

Annual Maintenance contract for HVAC projects

The Designer responsible for connecting to this system is primarily concerned with the last two subsystems